Life is easy, however people used to make things complicated for each other.

Originally, life is easy, however people used to make things complicated for each other. 
People ask “Oh God if you there why you let all these horrible things to happen?” instead of “Oh people if we are the same why are you doing such inhuman things?” 
People are given chance to make a choice. And in wars, social inequality, global warming, pollution, and other nature disease we can see what kind of choice made most of us. We are not taking down only us, humans, we taking our planet with all creatures down as well. 

Australia has recently been hit by the worst wildfires in years. It destroyed forests that would take half a century to restore. It killed so many animals and so many out there are injured. Nature showed to us our future, literally saying that we set on fire our home.

Everything has the end, but with a more responsible attitude, we could have delayed it. We pollute surrounding environment and so we do to ourselves. cause being egoistic finally get person to the soul pollution. or its better to say that to be egoistic means have the soul pollution. Everybody used to look at the world through the prism of their lives.
But it’s time to destroy these concrete walls, go outside and understand how many lives there and how different they are. 

Albert Podell, author of book “Around the world in 50 years”, wrote: “I had believed that people could be masters of their fates , that with ambition and perseverance they could rise and achieve, but i realised then that it was not true for all, and that for many - indeed, perhaps for most of humanity’s billions - there were no grand opportunities , no high hopes, no worry-free days , no comforts but an early grave. ”Some not only can’t go to school, but they cant to live to that age cause some “important” people began wars. and for what? Latest situation when Trump with his careless behaviour almost caused WWIII. And then he was showing off the numbers spent on the military as saying that he is ready…for what? for murders? nuclear war? 

We have so many weapons and money to spend on it but Australia burned out. Some smart people going to ensure life on Mars however do not provide salvation of our own planet. 
People can try to fly into the other universe, but what the point? Humanity always will be humanity. And if we have end i hope no other planet and creatures will involved to it. It is our punishment and we should accept it. 
We are humanity. We share one planet. We breath same air. But somehow someone do not wake up in his early 5, when someone in his late 60s still do not know what is it to be human being. Parents do not give a birth to child to see him lying breathless on a beach of foreign country cause they was running in boats from bleeding homeland. 

And i am sure that parents do not want their child cause such problems for others when he grow up.

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