Grammar - Simple Tenses!
Present, Past, Future + asking questions
To update - I need to update my computer.

An update - I downloaded the new update./ A new update is available.

Automatically - If I practice everyday the simple past, I will use it automatically.
It works - The iron doesn't work.
To break - I think I will break my telefone.
To give - Did you give me your pen?
To pay - Will you pay the internet for me?
Essay - I didn't write an essay yesterday.
To pass - You can pass.
To fail - In the video I watched a crazy fail!
To replace - Can I replace my shoes?
Presentation - You turned on the presentation on Zoom.
The bill - We will ask for the bill.

The - definite article
I have a book.
I have the book.

So - result - It's sunny today, so we can go to the beach.
To - infinitive
The Wh- question words

Please check the grammar rules document for simple tenses before the lesson. In the lesson we will look at examples, practice and see if you have any questions. There is also a table of irregular verbs. Have a look and highlight the 5 most important ones. You will learn all of them but not in 1 day! Please don't worry about them. We will master them together!

Say-said - I said he's crazy!
Break - broke - I broke my second car
Take - took - I took the last bread.
Give - gave - He gave me the bicycle.
Do - did - I didn't eat.

Last night I said goodnight.
Yesterday - I played football.
Last week - I broke my arm.
Last month
Last Tuesday
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